Letters to the Editor

Allen letter: Republicans

We watch helplessly while the Republicans are in the process of destroying our healthcare system. In the same process is nearly a trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthy.

The only solace we have is the late night comics. They give us a more accurate depiction of what they are up to than Fox News, Breitbart, Newsmax, the right-wing echo machine and a majority of the mainstream media. They are all basically a cheering section for the person that the majority of Americans don’t call their president. Probably the only hope we have left is the millennials. They are getting handed the dirty end of the stick by who they see is a bunch of old rich white men. The majority of them didn’t vote for Trump, but the majority of them who did vote for him aren’t happy. They’re trying to pay off high student debt with low paying jobs. Most of them are strong believers in a living wage.

The Republicans can’t gerrymander and voter suppress their way out of this one.

Thousands are hitting the streets now and that will only continue despite all the misinformation and roadblocks Republicans try.

Ron Allen, Caldwell