Letters to the Editor

Duffy letter: Horse racing

Your articles on the Kentucky Derby recently have been wonderful.

I would like to see horse racing return to Boise at the Les Bois racetrack. It’s fun, it’s exciting and sometimes you win.

The beautiful, well-cared-for race horses are a joy to watch. Of course it’s gambling, but a $2 bet will not break anyone’s bank and you have a better chance of winning than you do with the lottery. The lottery is fun and exciting to the few winners, but a horse race is exciting to all.

I hope horse racing will return to Boise. It employs many people and all those taxes could help many projects including our schools.

Robert Ehlert’s article on May 7 brought a tear to my eye and my message in four words: Bring back horse racing.

Pat Duffy, Boise