Letters to the Editor

Batey letter: Abortion

The May 1 paper had a letter from a woman that says she’d like to take back the term “Pro-life” even though she supports Planned Parenthood. She lists other causes she supports that would defend her argument. She then asks what “word” we’re going to take back.

Well, how about Pro-Choice?

Is abortion the only choice? Do I not have the right to choose being against killing unborn babies? Do those same babies not have the right to choose life?

The so-called left is being just as righteous in claiming that it’s all about women’s health. You have to assume that about half of the aborted babies are female. What about those young women’s health?

And if I choose the moral high ground (her term), why does that make me narrow-minded and stupid? When did morality become passe?

So sure, you can take back the term. But maybe we should just pare it down to the heart of the matter and call ourselves “Pro-Abortion” and “Anti-Abortion.”

Toni Batey, Nampa