Letters to the Editor

Bachelder letter: Trump’s tax returns

Jessica Ripple-Felgate of Boise insists in a letter to the editor May 1 that she wants to see the president’s tax returns. She stops just short of saying she has the right to see them, because she clearly doesn’t. Raul Labrador said at a recent town hall meeting that there is nothing in the law that says a president has to release his tax returns. That means there is nothing in the Constitution that requires a president to release his tax returns to the public. What if I wanted Ripple-Felgate to release her tax returns? Ridiculous. Clearly an invasion of privacy. How do these things get started anyway, and why do they go on and on?

I feel the same way about several other events that create a big hullaballoo every year, like the White House egg roll at Easter and the pardoning of the White House turkey at Thanksgiving. Good luck finding those things in the Constitution. Likewise for the President’s Prayer Breakfast for the National Day of Prayer and our own Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, with taxpayers footing the bill. (Where is the Separation of Church and State when you need it?)

The job of government is to govern. That’s a big enough job without all the window dressing.

Carol Bachelder, Boise