Letters to the Editor

Lorentz letter: Online privacy gone

Along party lines, Congress voted to repeal Obama-era FCC regulations protecting our online privacy. Trump signed it into law. Labrador, Crapo and Risch declared war on your online privacy and voted to allow your ISP to sell your browsing history and data to the highest bidder — without your consent or knowledge. Without privacy protection, ISPs can look at “everything” of yours that passes through their servers — not just history and behavior, but products, purchases, Social Security numbers, passwords and our email communications. This is a huge violation of our privacy. These are the same folks, by the way, who voted to protect Donald Trump’s tax privacy, when much more is at stake. There is not one person in Idaho who wished to have their online privacy compromised and made public. This vote by our Republican representatives was not in the best interests of their constituents (and they know it), and the fact that they did it without the consent of their constituents is unacceptable. Republicans claim to protect the “little guy” or “average American,” but in reality, they sell us out to Big Business every time. Obama at least attempted to protect privacy. Is this what you voted for?

Tom Lorentz, Boise