Letters to the Editor

Doupont letter: Mental Health Awareness

Regarding May as Mental Health Awareness month, I thought about people all having various degrees of mental health. I was once diagnosed as having manic depression, now known as bipolar disorder, and I was told I’d have to take psychiatric medication for the rest of my life.

However, through a process of prayer, studying the Bible, a change of diet and a complete lifestyle change, I was freed from all psychiatric meds in January 1983. What needs to be done for those with any kind of mental health diagnosis is a complete change of mind and heart. Mine began the day I asked Jesus to come into my life. That was on Nov. 30, 1979, and I’ve never been the same since that time.

As I meditated on verses in the Bible on healing and faith, I began to get well. It totally changed my mindset even to the point of writing my story in a book called “God Can Heal Anything!” and I now have over 50 ebooks published on Amazon.

Ann Doupont, Boise