Letters to the Editor

Layne letter: Trump critics

Critics of President Trump are quick to point out that he’s not a politician. Huh? What is a politician? Is that good or bad? Larry Craig was a politician. Should Trump be like him? Or, God forbid he could be like Obama. Politicians for better or worse are what got us to where we are today. But he’s not presidential, some say. Again I’m mystified. What do they want? He communicates with the people regularly and talks to us not at us one on one or as a group. He certainly has America’s interest at heart and he’s not leading from behind which is a welcome relief. He’s standing up to those who would do us harm rather than draw a line in the sand that means nothing. So where is he not being presidential? A person’s worthiness, in my view, is measured by their determination to do what they say they’ll do and he certainly is trying to do that although it goes without saying that he can’t please everyone, nobody can. So let’s give the man a chance, we’ve seen the alternative and it’s far worse. We could have had Hillary and she certainly was not the solution.

Don L. Layne, Cascade