Letters to the Editor

Langley letter: Eagle house

So let me get this right: Mark Butler, former Eagle councilman, sold off a piece of property because he’s unhappy with the “overall aesthetics” of the house next door. This is the same former councilman that the people of Eagle have to thank for that wretched cell tower poorly disguised as a tree that sits above the city. The same former councilman that had the ordinance changed to allow the tower to be built in a residential neighborhood. You may have had to sell a building lot, but people sold their homes and moved away when you allowed that monstrosity to be built literally in their backyards. These are people who had lived in their homes for decades. So now you’re whining because you had to take it in the wallet on a piece of property. You got off easy compared to the many homeowners in Eagle Hills that trusted you to do the right thing. Consider this experience a little slice of karma. It’s ironic how that karma train always seems to come around.

Pete Langley, Eagle