Letters to the Editor

Kidd letter: Welfare babies

In April a study was released by the Kaiser Foundation that ranked the states by percentage of babies born that were funded entirely by taxpayers — Medicaid and into a Medicaid home. In 2013, the study identified that 45 percent of all babies born in the state of Idaho were paid exclusively by the taxpayers, also called Medicaid, also known as welfare. I interpolate that in 2016 that percentage may be close to 55 percent knowing of the condition of our country today. Do the taxpayers of the the state of Idaho or any state owe these entitled people to pay for their babies? I don’t think so. What if these people would be required to pay for their own babies and not the taxpayers? Just a little note here, Today, between 20-25 percent of each dollar spent on Medicaid or any federal government type program, we have to borrow — from China as debt and the debt today is near $20 trillion. Who is going to pay the debt?

Galen Kidd, Boise