Letters to the Editor

Floyd letter: Observations

Some observations about “letters to the editor” April 26.

State taxes: Wendy Stevens is complaining that her state income taxes did not get any snow removal in her neighborhood. State income taxes won’t get you snow removal in Boise, that’s what property taxes do. Income taxes do get snow removed from state highways, though.

Jim Risch: Lisa Theobald thinks Jim Risch is not serving his constituents by voting Republican. I wonder who his constituents are if not the 68.7 percent of voters that elected him into office in 2014?

F35s: Mike Vuylsteke thinks the insensitive cowards of the editorial board did not sign their opinion to remain anonymous. The board members are listed at the bottom of the Opinion page. And why would hundreds of homeowners “have” to sell their houses if the F-35s are stationed at Gowen Field? “Must society always sacrifice the few for the many?” as opposed to sacrificing many for a few? “The rights and freedoms of United States citizens should come first and foremost.” “Shame on anyone that forces neighbors to uproot their lives and feelings of security just to make money?” Who ensures those freedoms and security if not the military? And isn’t Mike’s concern about money?

Mark Floyd Sr., Boise