Letters to the Editor

Douglas letter: Comey’s firing

The shocking obstruction of justice and firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump should trouble every American. Comey’s recent testimony that the FBI is conducting an active investigation into the president’s inner circle, his request for additional resources to conduct this investigation and the reported issuance of subpoenas make conspicuously clear that this was a pretext firing and attempt to obstruct or delay a law enforcement investigation.

The president’s action in the midst of an investigation of himself and his inner circle is an attack upon the world’s finest independent law enforcement agency. This follows Trump’s pattern of attacking other pillars of our democracy: the independent judiciary and a free press.

The president should welcome, not obstruct, a bipartisan commission and special prosecutor to coordinate these complex matters and to clear his name. Americans have no confidence that Trump’s nominee to replace James Comey will be neutral and detached. Idaho citizens need to demand that its elected congressional representatives begin to exercise their oversight responsibilities, and to put their blind loyalty to the president aside.

Bill Douglas, Post Falls