Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: North Korea

At the peak of the cold war, the Soviet Union had 2,350 ballistic missiles targeting the United States. Many of them had multiple thermo-nuclear warheads. The concept of “mutually assured destruction” prevented a nuclear holocaust.

North Korea doesn’t even have one and all of a sudden North Korea is the world’s greatest threat to our national security.

The nuclear submarine that was shown entering a port in South Korea has a little over 120 thermo-nuclear warheads. Any one of which would make any nuclear device North Korea can make look like a firecracker. What would you think would happen if North Korea used a nuclear weapon against the United States? We would make North Korea an unlivable radioactive wasteland.

North Korea is not a threat to the United States. It is a threat to South Korea. North Korea has enough artillery pieces to cause thousands and thousands of casualties to the citizens of Seoul in a matter of hours. So let’s stop antagonizing North Korea. It’s just a distraction to keep us from paying attention to the real problems we have in this country.

Don’t fall for it.

Bruce C. Anderson, Kuna