Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: Labrador and town halls

I cannot understand Representative Labrador’s stance on the border wall, on the president’s taxes or on health care, but at least he is willing to return to Idaho and listen to his constituents. The same cannot be said for the rest of our congressmen. Apparently, they see no reason to return to listen to their constituents because regardless of what they hear they will still vote the party line, so why bother, and besides, the social life in Washington is pretty comfy.

Sen. Jim Risch during a recent interview said that the greatest threat to America was our national debt. I agree. However, just wait until a tax bill comes to a vote, a bill that will surely favor the rich and will surely increase our national debt, Risch will vote for it. He will vote for it because he is told to do so by the party.

Rod Miller, Boise