Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: GOP health care

As I watch the health care debate continue in Congress, I keep coming back to something that makes sense to me and that we might have a miniscule chance of forcing our elected geniuses (both parties) to embrace. Health care is intensely personal and often a life-and-death proposition to many citizens. The current debate focuses on ideology and the proper role of government in this area of our lives. This is a valid discussion but far short of all that needs to be discussed.

Which brings me back to an idea whose time I think has come. I propose that we eliminate health care as a benefit to them. Then they join the rest of us in purchasing health insurance on the open market. I think this was an interesting idea before. I think it is a crucial one now.

We need an honest debate. Getting the debaters to truly have skin in the game on this is one of the most effective ways of moving that discussion forward. Do you think our elected officials from Idaho would support this idea? I’m not holding my breath but I would like to hear whatever argument they’d use to counter this proposal.

John Lodal, Boise