Letters to the Editor

Larson letter: GOP health care

I live in a household with young and older people. All ranges of ages and political viewpoints. Everyone here knew the vote was happening. They knew that a yes vote would mean suffering. My young niece cried because she has one baby and wants to have another one someday and is afraid she will never be able to afford insurance again.

My nephew is stressed out because he knows how much he struggles now to be able to support his family.

Myself, I’m 57 with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My medicine costs $1,500 per month and my income is $2,000 per month. ACA helps me now. What will I do? Who will take care of me when I can no longer walk without my medicine?

Does anyone in Congress care about my family, all born and raised in Idaho? Most of whom voted Republican?

My niece asked me how the Democrats voted. I told her they all voted no.

This vote will never be forgotten in our home or in this state.

Linda Larson, Sandpoint