Letters to the Editor

Faddis letter: GOP helps wealthy

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, “Note to Republicans: the word is scruple, not screw people.” I don’t think any Republican politician understands this.

I cannot recall anything that Trump and his gang in D.C. have done that is not designed to transfer wealth from the remainder of us to the rich. Every regulation that they have repealed is designed to help already profitable businesses make greater profits while destroying the environment and/or endangering our health and/or our financial future.

Trump’s tax proposal repeats the same mistake made by Reagan and the Bushes. Reagan cut taxes and set a new deficit record in each of his first five years, more than doubling the previous total debt. Bush I made more cuts and set two new records in his four years. Clinton raised taxes and reduced the annual deficit in seven of his eight years. Bush II supported more tax cuts and set three more records and only had two years when he didn’t beat the highest previous annual deficit.

Now they have passed a “health care” bill that should be called “health care disaster creation.” It is, of course, the most destructive thing that the Republicans could conceive.

Leo Faddis, Kuna