Letters to the Editor

Simon letter: Sect’s children die

Question. If Muslim parents, following their sincere interpretation of the Koran, decided on an honor killing to deal with the problem of a wayward daughter, would that be OK with the Republican-led Idaho Senate? According to Majority Leader Bart Davis, Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill and Idaho Senator Patti Anne Lodge, the answer appears to be ... yes.

Bart Davis says the Idaho Senate is “... reluctant to punish people criminally for a firmly held religious belief.” Brent Hill says Republican legislators want to “... recognize religious beliefs and help children.” And Patti Anne Lodge says, “These are good people, they have a right to live as the law allows without interference ...” Remember, this is the same party that would be happy to criminalize abortions, even in cases of medical necessity or rape and incest.

The Idaho Republican leadership’s unwillingness to deal with this atrocity is mind boggling. Why not just let religious folks openly practice child sacrifice: Oh wait, Idaho already allows it.

Republican legislators “want to ... help children.” That’s rich.

David H. Simon, Boise