Letters to the Editor

McCarthy letter: Donald Trump

Democracy requires mixing metaphors and supporting each other.

Sane Trump critics face slippery slopes, exclusively keying on him — bypassing his electorate.

Sam Vaknin, author of “Malignant Narcissism,” observes: Trump “resonates powerfully and intimately with the hidden hopes, dreams, fantasies, delusions, and negative emotions (rage, hatred, fear) of his ‘constituencies.’ 

Despite serial fabulist Trump’s utter failure to govern thus far, rope-a-dope Republicans still love him for his political cage fighting, sandpaper slanguage, and chaotic craziness.

Trump has shamanic magical power over his electorate. Therefore, his uncritical backers are equally toxic, embracing anarchic instability.

Aided by global henchman Putin’s hackers, Trump sucker-punched his way into the White House, as his constituents imploded American history — mirroring the “ceremony of the busk” — a ritually purifying bonfire.

Immolating the past during the election enabled Trump’s ringside rogues to negotiate a symbolic time portal and sanitize the future. Trump ostensibly personifies the spotless, blameless rescuer-in-chief.

The farm, Bible, Rust, MME Belts elected Trump. However, the streets belong to the truly enraged and oppressed.

Ancient Carnival (realized in New Orleans, Mobile, Rio, and Caribbean) celebrates the “reversal of the ordinary” and “meanness of laughter” — which mock and undermine established norms and ruling elites.

Carnival, politicized as “The Resistance,” will trample Trump.

Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D., Boise