Letters to the Editor

DeWitt letter: GOP health care

I wonder why Idaho citizens keep voting for the GOP? They say actions speak louder that words, which is the reason I am so baffled by this. Do you have a company-paid pension plan? Do you have a 401K with lots of money in it? Do you have a company-paid health plan? Are you on Social Security? Are you on Medicare? Can you afford to pay medical bills if you get sick and can’t work? Then why in the heck would you vote for the GOP? The GOP tells you that they care for you, however in the actions that they take in all of these areas show their true intent. They have already taken your current health care plan and thrown it in the trash when instead of fixing the current plan they gutted it and will force many of you off the plan or make pre-existing condition service so high that you die. The GOP wants to privatize Social Security; the only people this helps are the Wall Street robbers who will take your money and then let you rot. Your best plan is to wake up.

Louis DeWitt, Eagle