Letters to the Editor

Collis letter: GOP health care

I sincerely object to the new GOP health care plan. I’m not even sick, but according to the new criteria I have 15 pre-existing conditions. Fifteen. This is ridiculous to the extreme. The list of conditions is so broad that almost every American will be found to have at least one.

Ergo, millions of our citizens will lose coverage, while pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and other wealthy corporations will be allowed to demand more money for less coverage.

People will die. Thousands of good people will literally die if you support this plan. And you will be responsible.

I hear the Republicans complain a great deal about their religious freedom being usurped by having to do innocuous things, but now, when they have a real opportunity to be Christ-like, to help the sick and poor, they’re not only not helping, they’re hurting their own people.

Way to look after “the least of your brethren.” I advise you to re-read your Bible, specifically Matthew 25:37-40. Or stop calling yourselves Christians.

You will not support this health care plan. You will vigorously fight it. You will not do this to us. Or you will be very sorry on election day.

Ryan Collis, Boise