Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: New World Disorder

New World Disorder, with the elitist diversity class wanting tolerance, while being intolerant to opposing views. With customs and traditions not compatible with today’s society, the minority now dictates our lives as to who qualifies to be in this picture. Since when did the minority become the majority? With possible modifications of our expressions and beliefs, i.e. PC, to the point that American society has become “gender neutral.” The progressive left wants to impose their radical values on changing our demographics into sanctuary cities. Those who come to our country want to change its entire value system to accommodate their religious sensitivities — which could leave some at risk for female genital mutilation. Maybe the ACLU will come to their aid saying it’s their right, while welcoming them to our shores. These people who have no respect for our culture or moral values, become more demanding and ungrateful while calling us racist. Where is the outcry from women’s rights groups, or are they just for abortion rights? In the end, control the head, you control the body.

Gene Martin, Emmett