Letters to the Editor

Couch letter: GOP health care

Idaho’s intent in the 2016 election was to “drain the swamp.” But I question whether we were successful. The latest example is the passage of the AHCA in the House. Consider this: The Comprehensive Cancer Alliance for Idaho says that cancer is the leading cause of death in Idaho. Seventy percent of you receiving cancer treatment will develop conditions as a result of those treatments that will require more treatment. Uh oh, pre-existing condition. If you’re a veteran, a woman, retired on a fixed income you most likely already have a pre-existing condition and will be in a high-risk pool. Congressman Labrador’s solution is a questionable fund allocated to states ... our governor refused federal funds that would have lowered our premiums. Before voting did our Congressmen assure that our state will accept help? I notice our party loves to float words like freedom, choice, access, states’ rights, liberty and patriotism while they pass laws that impact our everyday life. But I question whether these high-minded words help us, or are our representatives “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good”? As a registered Republican I’m paying attention, I’m keeping track and my vote is no longer a foregone conclusion.

Lou-Ann Couch, Boise