Letters to the Editor

Wood letter: BSU wrestling

Michael Katz’s April 30 article (You know wrestling is out ...) highlights a gaping hole in the explanation offered by the Boise State administration for cutting the wrestling program. Yes, BSU’s wrestling program lost about $352,000 last year, but the average NCAA baseball program loses $926,000 per year (and Mountain West baseball programs are no exception).

Why is Boise State cutting a wrestling program to add a baseball program that is likely to cost three times as much?

This bogus justification underscores the lack of integrity, honesty and transparency that went into this decision. The wrestling team, coaches and community were deceived that they had the university’s support right up until 3 p.m. on April 18. Even though football and basketball are the revenue sports at every major university, honesty and integrity should not be ignored because of dollar signs — or in this case, lack of dollar signs.

Would the State Board of Education, Bronco Athletic Association and fans support this behavior if it were Coach Harsin and the football team? If so, that is a sad example for our community.

Kevin Wood, Meridian