Letters to the Editor

Ramsey letter: Labrador and health plan

Our Congressman Raul Labrador is wrong on all counts in a recent “Guest Opinion.”

The Republican-sponsored American Health Care Act may fail in the U.S. Senate, despite his Freedom Caucus efforts, because there are some moderate Republicans, joined by Democrats, who realize that some 20 million Americans would lose their health care coverage if the bill passed.

Our son is one of them. Unable to afford health insurance until the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was enacted, he finally got a check-up which found he needed immediate heart surgery. Obamacare helped save his life as I’m sure it has for many more Americans.

The GOP plan would have removed the subsidies he needed to pay his premiums, and eventually would deprive millions of Americans, depending on Medicaid, of their health care coverage.

Ironically, when the GOP launched its new plan, a national poll found that Obamacare was more popular than ever before. More Americans thought it was “a good idea” than opposed it.

Instead of voting “52 times in the past six years” to repeal Obamacare, wasn’t there something else he could have done to help his district or state?

James W. Ramsey, Sandpoint