Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Downtown stadium

Robert Ehlert’s column about the proposed downtown baseball stadium is a timely one. From my desk as a retired biologist-consultant, I find this proposal ill-conceived and do not support it. In Ehlert’s most recent column, he quoted one of his readers, Helen Hendricks, about the proposal. In a word, she wrote, “congested.” How is it that Mayor Bieter and Bob Kustra don’t see this and are blinded by dollars and high-density growth? Too much traffic and infrastructure will be placed into an area bordered by some of our city’s hallmarks, the Greenbelt, Boise River and adjacent city parks. My two words to contribute to Ms. Hendricks are: “serenity broken.” This development will greatly compromise these crown jewels of Boise. The businessmen from outside of Idaho who are proposing this stadium have a flawed model that will impose a $41 million disaster on the good citizens of Boise. Build this stadium on the Hawks’ existing site at Glenwood, or Meridian, or Kuna, or Melba. Anywhere but within the downtown skirts of Boise.

Rich Howard, Boise