Letters to the Editor

Stilton letter: GBAD election

Regarding Greater Boise Auditorium District election May 16, the Statesman Editorial board believes status quo is OK in the form of two career politicians. In full rebuttal to the Statesman opinion that the incumbents “deserve” (Statesman’s word) new terms, I say unequivocally that we deserve better in Kristin Muchow, who brings her youth, industry knowledge and intelligence both to this role specifically, and to the entrenched Boise political arena generally. Ms. Muchow’s unique and pertinent skill set, industry background and work ethic will bring depth to GBAD and ring in a new era of fresh ideas, creativity and fiscal responsiveness.

I urge everyone to vote for Kristin Muchow for GBAD on May 16.

Kristin Stilton, Boise