Letters to the Editor

Rossow letter: Labrador

I was at Congressman Raul Labrador’s town hall in Meridian. He’s done many of these events, but this was his first since President Trump and progressives are using them to embarrass Republican politicians in the media. It didn’t work on him. In fact it backfired.

What I saw was a smart, fearless, candid leader explaining his ideas and principles in simple, straightforward language. I was proud of Mr. Labrador and proud that I had voted for him. His job is not for the faint of heart. Given the current environment most Republican politicians justifiably aren’t doing town hall meetings. Not Labrador. He was in his element, respectful but consistent which radiated leadership and strength. I wanted to be part of where he would take us. I was in awe of his bravery.

When it comes to Labrador, progressive groups should be concerned about giving him more stage time because he’ll continue to show his class, respect for all regardless of their position and continued commitment to the principles for which he was elected. His opponents are a stark contrast.

Kristen Rossow, Eagle