Letters to the Editor

Savino letter: Bernie Sanders

Bernie the non-Democrat running again in 2020? As desperation looms loud and fearless against his own liberal agenda, Bernie Sanders said in essence, “The Democratic Party is in big trouble.” Make no mistake, though, his label as an “Independent” is betrayed by his voting Democratic since 1970. Like most liberals, he’s a phony fake news screwball songbird of Marxist liberalism — everything free, no working needed. Bad for Americans. Good for illegals, felons, druggies.

Americans hired Trump to fix our nightmarish shocking failures, debt, job losses, taxes, safety/security.

To the pathetically small liberal voters in Idaho — stop wasting your votes. No Bernie fake news liberals wanted here to turn Idaho into another Jerry Brown town. We prefer to work and earn a living. I wouldn’t live here if I was liberal — Idaho has too many smart voters. Conservatives. America first. We don’t hate liberals. We love everyone but take your liberalism somewhere else.

A massively failing Democratic party? Extinction here, too. Wait till 2018/2020 elections. Curtain call. Swan song. The Democratic party is self-imploding. Leave peacefully please. None of your liberal rioting/destruction of our cities. This is God’s country.

No forwarding address needed.

Dano Savino, Nampa