Letters to the Editor

Nations letter: Cartoon overkill

Political cartoons ad nauseam: We readers are treated to cartoon after cartoon depicting our recently elected president in the most repugnant manner imaginable. Bashing President Trump was certainly to be expected after his surprising electorate win, and the ensuing bitterness and whining by the Dems. The editors seem to be stuck on a Saturday edition format that has four or five offensive caricatures singularly directed at Trump. Luckovich, of course, is their most valuable contributor with his uniquely perverse expressions. Conversely, ugly cartoon caricatures was something that former President Obama rarely had to face over his eight years in office due to an embarrassingly servile media. As for its regular news content, the Statesman continues to afford its readers little choice from its core leftist views via its choice of reprints from the liberal Washington Post and New York Times. The Statesman and its peers have fallen to new lows for responsible and balanced reporting. Political bias has always tainted journalism to a point, but journalism has never been virtually usurped by one side until now. The Statesman should be forthright to its Idaho patrons, and not its ultra-liberal parent owners, McClatchy News and the Sacramento Bee.

Charlie Nations, Eagle