Letters to the Editor

Calkins letter: Tax Day protesters

The president recently asked to investigate who financed the the Tax Day protests. I would like to help with that by confessing that I and thousands of other Americans donated money to pay for the fees, time to organize the events and energy to be there. We do this because we believe in a open and transparent government and to hold our elected officials accountable. This is not a partisan argument, it is not about right versus left, conservative versus liberal, or Democrat versus Republican. Most Americans, including the ones who voted for Trump, do believe that Trump should release his tax returns. Releasing tax returns is about trust, trust between politicians and the people who vote for them. Trump expects the American people to trust him in making the right decisions that affect our lives, yet he doesn’t trust the American people with the knowledge of his tax returns. Trust is a two-way street.

Larry D. Calkins, Boise