Letters to the Editor

Zeller letter: Raul Labrador

I attended Congressman Raul Labrador’s public meeting in Meridian on April 20. It was well attended and many people took the opportunity to express their concerns and opinions. That is how our democracy should work. However, our democracy doesn’t work when an elected official such as Mr. Labrador dismisses our comments and concerns by concluding “we just disagree.” While he may disagree with something or someone, he shows great lack of respect by openly rejecting outright someone’s opinion, or even proven facts.

I am also bothered by him playing the guessing game over whether or not he will be a candidate for governor. In his current situation he can gain very valuable (to him) exposure at taxpayer expense. His “unofficial” campaign is all paid for by taxpayers: travel, staff, free emails, public affairs publications (which the Statesman abundantly prints), and airtime. So the longer he postpones his official announcement to be a candidate, the more federal funds he can use. Pretty clever, but dishonest.

My conclusion is that his Freedom Caucus mentality/beliefs makes him incapable of being a public servant, which is what he is supposed to be. It seems it is always his way, or no way. Just vote no.

Deane Zeller, Boise