Letters to the Editor

Sutharsan letter: Air pollution

These days air pollution is negatively influencing people’s health and the environment. It causes serious diseases and can lead to deaths. According to a new study, air pollution causes more than 5.5 million premature deaths globally every year. Particulate matter (PM 2.5) and ground level ozone are the major air pollutants found in unhealthy levels in the air. Both pollutants can cause harmful effects to the cardiovascular system. Ground level ozone can lead to asthma and lung disease, and cause shortness of breath. The American Lung Association 2016 report states that more than half of the people (52.1 percent) in the U.S. live in unhealthful levels of ozone or PM.

In Idaho, PM 2.5 and ozone are bad air pollutants. These pollutants are emitted due to burning fuel during transportation, power plant emissions and industries. People should take these concerns seriously and alter some activities in their daily lives. Turning off the light when leaving a room, walking or biking if going for a short distance, and carpooling are some activities that will reduce the emission of pollutants.

Vishali Sutharsan, 6th grade, Treasure Valley Mathematics and Science Center