Letters to the Editor

Rodriguez letter: Jobs after college

Most university/college graduates envision having their dream job right after they graduate from a college/university. However, for some graduates that is not the case. After all the time that was spent into earning the degree, the time spent can seem to be a complete waste. Nothing is guaranteed after that degree is in hand. Many employers look for employees who have experience in that field of study but how is it possible to have experience when graduates are being turned down? Are the graduates at fault for deciding to get a degree in something they like without realizing that maybe that field of study does not have much to offer? Is society at fault for pressuring students into thinking that attending a college/university would be easier said than done? Communication plays a significant role for universities and employers to ensure that future employees have the necessary skills and abilities to land their dream job. Society should stop sugar coating that life, in general, is all butterflies and rainbows. When in reality people are left with debt and taxes to be paid.

Lizbeth Rodriguez, Mountain Home