Letters to the Editor

Pierce letter: Tax reform

There is talk in Washington, D.C., about tax reform. I believe that tax policies should focus on fairness. Millions of Americans are just one emergency or paycheck from financial crisis. Yet of the $400 billion in tax incentives that help taxpayers build assets, less than 3 percent of these benefit the bottom 40 percent of earners.

Despite Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin’s statement in November that “there would be no absolute tax cut for the upper class,” many reform proposals would give more tax breaks to the wealthy, reward unearned income, and fail to expand opportunity for those who are struggling.

Instead, Congress should make reducing wealth inequality a priority. The top 1 percent are usually the ones benefiting from any tax reform while the bottom 99 percent continue to struggle hourly, daily, monthly and yearly. We need a tax code that works for all of us, not just the upper 1 percent. In other words, one that is fair for all.

As Congress looks to enact tax reform in 2017 and/or beyond, I urge everyone to let Congress know that tax reform should be fair and should not put core anti-poverty programs at risk.

Dawn Pierce, Boise