Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: East Boise development

We moved to Harris Ranch three years ago. Smart development, the setting between the river and the foothills and welcoming people drew us reluctantly out of our beloved East End. Barber Valley continues to develop with projects that mostly conform to existing amenities and respect the land and wildlife. We welcome thoughtful development as we were welcomed to Barber Valley.

A new, incompatible development proposal threatens thoughtful growth in Boise and travelers on Warm Springs Avenue. A 125-unit apartment complex (Barber Hill Vistas) is proposed for Warm Springs just east of the Barber Valley Nursery. Nearby, the surface of Warm Springs is in deplorable condition, it has been closed twice in recent years for months after boulders fell onto it, the Table Rock Fire burned right down to it and deer unexpectedly jump onto it. ACHD has no permanent plan to address the instability of the hillside.

ACHD projects 830 new car trips per day for this precarious road, threatening all who travel it. Traffic annoyance is becoming a way of life. If you agree this is the wrong place for the space please contact the P&Z Commission and/or the Boise City Council to state your opinion.

Celeste and Joe Miller, Boise