Letters to the Editor

McGill letter: Public schools

Education reformers are working to undermine America’s public education system. Reformers manufacture problems and offer solutions that dismember our public institutions. The reformers can afford radio, broadcast and internet advertisements that undermine our democratic public schools. The reformers suggest that free market principles will solve the problems of public schools; right after they convince you that public schools have problems. Reformers have spent millions to convince you that your neighborhood school is failing and families should enroll their children in a “school of choice.” These are charter schools. Charter schools are not democratic. They do not have elected school board members. Charter schools get to keep the finest and discard the rest. Efforts to push vouchers, tax money to pay for a family’s “school of choice” will subvert our public schools. Voucher money, once issued, will have no accountability. “Schools of choice” will vary greatly in quality. Anyone, or any religion, will be able to create a school and accept voucher money. Vouchers and “schools of choice” will only serve to further divide our cities, towns and neighborhoods. Public schools are the great equalizer of our nation. Anyone willing to subvert that is un-American.

Ryan McGill, Boise