Letters to the Editor

Butler letter: Statesman

It is a positive testimony to the basic intelligence of the citizens of Boise and the state of Idaho that they remain conservative in spite of the best efforts of the Idaho Statesman to convert them to the whining snowflakes of New York and California. The vast majority of national news published in the Statesman comes directly from The New York Times, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Does the editor of the Statesman really believe that those are unbiased sources of national news? If so, she is the only one in the entire state of Idaho.

It is always amazing to read the editorial page and read letter after self-pitying letter about the horrors of the Trump administration. Then there are the cartoons that are almost exclusively anti-Republican, anti-Trump, and anti-conservative, regardless of the subject. I don’t expect this to change, given the editorial board and the liberal bias of the Statesman, but I am impressed that the people of Idaho don’t pay much attention to the obvious attempts to convert us to the whiners of the East and West coasts.

“Elections have consequences.” Obama said that. He was right. Statesman, get over it.

Robert Butler, Eagle