Letters to the Editor

Haynes letter: Coverage gap

When JFAC was working on the budget there was a bill (SB1194) going through committee that showed $10 million being spent for research on manure. Our elected senators killed a health-gap bill with $10 million for those who need health care and yet approved such a study? I know the problem is not that simple, but every time I hear candidates at the Legislature run for re-election, they have indicated they would put the people first. In this case they did not. Why? They also funded University of Idaho Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, Lewis-Clark State College Career-Technical Education Building, Boise State University Center for Material Science, Psychiatric Hospital Transformation, and Science Building remodel. All of these received $10 million each. Can anyone tell me why they did not fund the health-gap bill over another study on manure? Studies are important but people should be the priority in order to have essential health care they need. The Legislature should have worked better on the budget to enable people a life with health care. They left 78,000 Idahoans without that coverage by not expanding the Medicaid coverage gap.

Claudia Haynes, Nampa