Letters to the Editor

Harris letter: March for science

Regarding the two April 23 articles about the “March for Science,” local and national, the day before:

Remarks of some of the marchers, including of science teachers who ought to know better, were pathetic.

All human thought, including thought about science, begins with a faith or an assumptive foundation. In “Without a Prayer,” John Robbins wrote, “All thought must start somewhere, and that initial postulate is unproved, by definition.”

In a “Creation Health Foundation” newsletter, Peter Leithart wrote, “(W)e must recognize that all science is based on unproven assumptions which are essentially religious in nature,” and that neutral observation of the “facts” is impossible. “By virtue of their creation in (God’s) image, men are either for God or against him in all areas of life .... There is no such thing as ‘neutral observation.’ “

A.M. Rogers, in the article, “Saving Sick Children From State Science,” notes, “The scientifically naive believe that there is truth in science.” In lectures given locally, science professor Dr. Donald Chittick emphasized that everyone is biased — including scientists.

Let’s recognize the “March for Science” for what they really are: a movement based on biased assumptions.

Violet Harris, Nampa