Letters to the Editor

Goodnew letter: Tax Day marches

On April 15, people all over the country marched to show Trump they want to see his tax returns, and Boise was among the cities that represented at this rally. Sadly, our president didn’t even appreciate people exercising their rights to demonstrate and our Idaho leaders failed to even make a statement. So I want to give a shout-out to the citizens who put their personal time and money into ensuring the success of this rally. To the speakers who inspired us to continue this fight. And to the Americans who peacefully demonstrated their concerns. If our leaders can’t acknowledge our hard work exercising the First Amendment and don’t take the time to recognize our sense of urgency and frustrations, then we need to not only continue to contact our members of Congress in every way possible until they hear us, but also give each other a pat on the back for how our community is coming together in this politically rocky climate and continuing to encourage each other to not give up.

Megan Goodhew, Boise