Letters to the Editor

Brother letter: Health care

Regarding Rep. Raul Labrador’s statement that basic health care isn’t a right. Granted, it is not a constitutional guarantee. So, how about a bit of logic?

The economic benefit derived from preventive health care should be considered. It is less expensive to prevent illness than to treat it. Emergency care is expensive and puts a burden on hospitals. The costs accrued by these visits are absorbed by the hospitals and are then passed on to patients who use the hospitals and who can pay their bills.

Children who do not receive basic health and dental care will grow into adults who will cope with subsequent issues. So the math is simple. Pay for preventive health care or pay more when there’s a crisis. It must be very difficult to be in a situation where you can’t do what’s best for your children.

Labrador will always have access to good health care because he is part of Congress and he will never have to worry. The uninsured will never have this peace of mind.

I would like to thank Labrador for showing up for town hall meetings. To the best of my knowledge, none of our other legislators did so.

Charlotte Brother, Boise