Letters to the Editor

Warner letter: Trash and recycling

If you like living in a city with a mayor and city council, Boise is the place to live. In regard to the garbage bins we are forced to get or pay more if you don’t, just because the mayor and city council think it’s a good way to force us to accept another bin or else. That sounds to me like bribery. If I don’t smile and say thanks for another bin, that’s too bad, you will get charged more. I am perfectly satisfied with the two bins I already have and some weeks I don’t put them out because they’re about half-full or less. All I can say, thanks to the mayor and city council, is it’s just another tax as if we don’t pay enough taxes already. This stupid plan they made should have gone to the people for a vote. Some people might want another bin and should pay for it. Not me, and being forced by our liberal leaders to conform is another freedom taken away, so thanks for nothing.

Lloyd Warner, Boise