Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: Donald Trump

Of all the falsehoods Donald Trump has told us, the worst is that he won’t release his tax returns, saying “they’re being audited.” When he first promised he would release them (during the campaign), he made no mention of an audit. Doesn’t really matter ... IRS allows taxpayers to make his/her tax returns public even if they are undergoing an audit. I don’t believe Trump’s being audited.

He says he’ll “eliminate waste.” His (almost weekly) Florida trips cost the taxpayer $3 million per trip. He said he’d “drain the swamp,” not fill the swamp with folks like Flynn — who lied to Congress about his “Russian connections” and therefore Trump had to tearfully fire him. Jeff Sessions, our attorney general, lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings, but he got away with it.

Trump promised much and delivered nothing. When the corrupt “health plan” (“TrumpCare”) failed (it would have left 24 million Americans without affordable health insurance — are you one of them?), he switches attention to Korea — when that sours, he switches our attention back to health care. Bigly shell game.

Now he withholds the White House guestbook from public scrutiny for “national security.”

Jack Stevens, Boise