Letters to the Editor

Rourke letter: F-35 noise

We were dismayed to learn that Gowen Field was one of the five finalists for the F-35 fighter aircraft. As Boise residents who now live in Sun City, Ariz., for six months a year, we deal with frequent flyovers of the new F-35 from Luke Air Force Base. Although the F-16s based there before were noisy, the F-35s are a whole other story. The F-35 decibels of 105 to 112 cause pain, hearing loss and stress. As the F-35s scream overhead, residents who are outside visiting, gardening or enjoying their patios, hold their ears to block the pain and run for their homes. Even inside, it is impossible to talk on the phone as the jets roar overhead. Long-term residents who have long supported the “sound of freedom” of the F-16s are joining in the outcry. Please don’t bring this blight to the beautiful quiet city of Boise. We can testify that quality of life suffers when any minute the air will again be shattered by the awful screeching of F-35s.

Larry and Sue Rourke, Boise