Letters to the Editor

Radcliff-Tate letter: Raul Labrador

Raul Labrador is a very nice man. At the Meridian town hall meeting, he was relaxed, courteous, kind, and attentive, and I could not vote for him. Why? Because Rep. Labrador has a belief system that is so deeply ingrained that he could never change his mind. No amount of scientific evidence, empirical data, or reasoned argument that contradict his beliefs would persuade him. A few examples:

▪  He doesn’t believe humankind contributes to global warming.

▪  He believes existing clinics like dental offices and chiropractors can provide for women’s health needs.

▪  He thinks federal grants to students cause tuition to rise.

▪  He thinks Idaho’s schools do just fine making do with fewer resources than the rest of the country.

▪  He believes the state of Idaho can manage our public lands without any federal help.

▪  He thinks families and communities should take care of the poor.

▪  He doesn’t think healthcare is a human right.

Rep. Labrador has many good qualities, and while I am a constituent, he doesn’t represent me. A vote for Labrador is a vote for his entrenched beliefs and nothing will change that.

Elisabeth Ratcliff-Tate, Garden City