Letters to the Editor

Dewey letter: Climate change

The media seems to present 20 articles supporting standard alarmist global warming to one legitimate skeptic. That is better than the brainwashing happening in our schools where there is no presentation of a skeptic’s view. All kids hear of the other side is that skeptics are deniers (making a false mean-spirited equivalent to Holocaust deniers) who need tin foil hats. Few kids could even utter one sentence of a skeptic’s argument. And whenever I have a letter published in the Statesman about global warming I am accused in online letters of saying and believing things I have not written or think.

Jen Pierce, a professor at BSU, talks about how kids immediately see the truth of climate change and want to do something to save the planet. Then she tells us that our flooding threat is due to climate change. This just illustrates how teachers are giving kids wrong information.

First, weather is not climate.

Secondly the problems from the last winter has nothing to do with warming, but it was the coldest winter in decades. If you went by this isolated incident you’d have to associate it with global cooling, not warming.

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise