Letters to the Editor

Fritschle letter: Team USA

I have noticed a couple things about letters to the editor that begin, “Stop whining about Trump.” First, they never include any positive observations about what the president is doing. There’s no attempt to persuade anyone that he’s honest, effective or managing to Make America Great Again in any particular way. The “whiners” at least have specific complaints. For meaningful conversations, both sides need to stop vague attacks and clearly state the facts concerning what they approve or disapprove about the president’s actions. Not his rhetoric. His actions. Then we can begin to see how differences might be resolved. That’s how democracy is supposed to work. Second, these writers refer to the election as if it was a ballgame. “We won. Move on.” But an election isn’t a sporting event. It’s a hiring event. We hired a president to govern all of us, not a coach to develop a particular team in competition with everyone else in the country. Dismissing over half the population because “they lost” is ridiculous. Aren’t we all rooting for the same team? Team USA?

Carolyn Fritschle, Boise