Letters to the Editor

Teater letter: Hemp fest

I attended the Boise Hemp Fest. There was music, art, crafts, food, information and another petition for medicinal cannabis (marijuana). Missing was any of our elected officials who might have benefited from a dialogue with those of us who are conversant with the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence of the medicinal value and tremendous safety profile of cannabis. While our elected officials are intelligent people, on this subject they are willfully and woefully ignorant.

I recently wrote Gov. Butch Otter to ask why he is opposed to medicinal cannabis. He noted that there are 16 children enrolled in a research program for children with seizure disorders. However, he did not say why Kelsey Osborne deserved to have her children taken for doing essentially the same thing. He also said there were many questions about medicinal cannabis and I agree. Questions like why do Idaho officials ignore the mountain of scientific and medical evidence on cannabis and the experience of the majority of states with medical programs or the anecdotal evidence of millions of folks like Osborne who are in the best position to know what works for them and their children? Idaho can stop needless suffering. When will we?

Tim Teater, Boise