Letters to the Editor

Robison letter: Pro-life

I support Planned Parenthood and I am pro-life.

The word pro-life has come to mean one thing in our society. We have confined and condensed its definition. We have allowed it to be defined by one group of people with a clear agenda: putting women’s medical decisions in the hands of government. I’m taking the word back for myself and for all others who value life in its many expressions.

I am a health care professional. For the past 20 years, I have been improving, extending and saving the lives of patients. I am pro-life.

I support the EPA’s goals to ensure clean air, water and land. I support policies that protect habitat and endangered species. I am pro-life.

I support policies that treat refugees with compassion and offer life-saving refuge. I am pro-life.

We have so narrowly defined pro-life that we have devalued all other forms of it. I’m tired of the right being righteous and claiming moral high ground. I will no longer sit back and watch the word pro-life be defined by one group. The word is mine to use. What word are you going to take back?

Karen Robison, Boise