Letters to the Editor

Ripple-Felgate letter: Trump’s taxes

In honor of all the hardworking Americans who pay their taxes and would happily show their tax returns to anyone asking (when applying for mortgages, financial aid), we demand that Trump release his tax returns. Seventy-four percent of Americans want to see them, despite the fact he denies it and states that now that he’s won the presidency he doesn’t need to comply with the wishes of the people he represents. We need to know who he is doing business with and who he owes favors to. If Trump has nothing to hide then he should happily cough up his returns. The fact that he’s in denial just perpetuates the feeling of a nontransparent government that is untrustworthy and sneaky for its own good and not the good of their people. Tell your president that the people want to see his taxes. I would like to inform you and the president and any doubters who think someone sponsored the nationwide tax marches, all the funds were given by volunteers and members of the United States who want justice and truth. Not sponsored, but paid for with money from hardworking Americans who care about our nation.

Jessica Ripple-Felgate, Boise